Review: Eden Organic Apple Sauce

"No chunks, no bits, no sugar, nothing other than nice, tasty blended organic apples."

4 May
Review: Eden Organic Apple Sauce

Review: Eden Organic Apple Sauce

We wanted something sweet, healthy and a little filling from our local health food store. Apple sauce! Eden Organic Apple Sauce was on sale for $5.29.

Eden Foods is an independent organic food producer. Eden Founder Michael Potter has “refused to put the USDA’s ‘certified organic’ seal on his products because he says it’s a fraud,” according to Here & Now on WBUR. He is committed to keeping corruption out of the fast-growing organic food industry.

The flavors were balanced – a touch of tartness and plenty of that mellow sweetness that an apple has.

The only disagreements are fork v. spoon and bowl v. jar.

Disclaimer: this review is completely unsolicited and uncompensated. We have no relationship with Eden.

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