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Grow a Food Forest in Puerto Rico

A food forest is a multi-layered composition of food producing plant species. Implemented properly, a food forest is a low maintenance garden that combines trees, shrubs and ground plants to produce useful and edible food like fruits, seeds, nuts and herbs.

This is a great way to eat more organic food in your daily life.

A food forest is a permaculture design element consisting of seven layers from the canopy and shrubs on down past the soil layer.

Following are some options for your Puerto Rico food forest. All of these plants are routinely available in areas where they thrive.

The is to . It requires precipitation between and inches of rain annually.

The is propogated by . With a bloom period in , the fruit/seed period begins in and ends in .

The () is in the . It’s drought tolerance is and requires a minimum temperature of °F.

While a plant species may generally thrive and fruit in Puerto Rico, you may be in a climate that isn’t optimal.

Consult your local garden supplier or continue researching in order to find plants, shrubs and ground cover that match your specific hardiness zone, rainfall and direct sun.

We hope you enjoy creating your food forest! Submit a picture and your garden could be featured on this site!

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