Organic Shampoo

If you’re an animal lover you’ll be happy to know organic shampoos are not tested on animals – you can wash your hair without worry!


You’re careful about what you put in your body, selecting organic foods and beverages – but what about the things you’re putting ON your body? You probably use shampoo on a frequent basis, but have you ever thought about what, exactly, it’s made of? Switching to organic shampoo will ensure that harsh chemicals stay out of your hair and off of your scalp, so you can be just as healthy on the outside as you are on the inside.

Organic shampoo uses real ingredients, not just extracts or chemicals synthesized in a lab. Natural soaps, fragrances and emollients will not irritate or dry out your sensitive
skin and hair, while getting your locks squeaky clean.

And, once you wash the suds down the drain, you will not have to worry about the environmental impact of adding harsh conventional shampoo chemicals to the water system. Organic shampoos do not contain pesticide tainted herbs and botanicals or colorants made from heavy metals, so you will do your part in keeping the earth pristine by supporting organic beauty companies!

Help keep the environment as beautiful as your hair, and reach for a bottle of organic shampoo next time you are washing up.

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Review: Hugo & Debra Naturals Shampoo
. . .  site, so that each person can learn more about the ingredients they are using. The shampoo does not contain any of the known or suspected harmful chemical ingredients , like parabens, sulfates (SLS), phenoxyehtanol, PEGs, propylene glycol,. . . 

Homemade Coconut Milk Shampoo
. . .  That’s really all I could ever ask for in a summer shampoo. I love the way the shampoo looks in this teeny vintage milk bottle. If you decide to make your own coconut milk shampoo, let us know how it turns out! Photos by Jemma and Brigette See . . . 

Natural Tips For Curly Hair
. . .  in humid climates. I met a great curly hair stylist that suggested I stop using shampoo because the sulfates were drying out my hair. So now I just use conditioner and skip the shampoo and my hair has responded well. I was hesitant at first. . . 

Photo Diary – Honey Is The New Shampoo: Week 1
. . .  of you seasoned experts to help me decide whether or not I should ditch commercial shampoo and conditioner in favor of more natural options. First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who shared an experience or piece of advice — I w  . . .

5 Natural Home Remedies For Frizzy Hair
. . .  night because it strips hair of natural oil and breaks it so if im not going to shampoo my hair that day then should i not do the treatment Mary – April 7, 2014, 12:46PM Will definitely try these remedies/hair recipes! Will buy more of these. . . 

Honey Is The New Shampoo: Week 3
. . .  washing with a Baking Soda paste and although it sounds strange it is the perfect shampoo substitute! My friends rave about it… only about 1/4 cup will do.. make a paste and rub on the scalp, it is naturally rough so it actually cleans the root, a. . . 

Hairy Afterthoughts Holistic Hair Care Part 2 Food Babe
. . .  red/brown henna. Do not use black henna. In the past, I purchased a brand of shampoo called, “ Kiss My Face” and thought it worked well. All organic and natural, no chemicals. Also- I really like the updates you’ve made to your blog!! Reply . . . 

Review: Thursday Plantation Organic Tea Tree Shampoo
. . .  such as cuts, stings, burns, pimples and other skin infections. Therefore a shampoo with pure tea tree oil can be beneficial for those who suffer from dandruff, scalp irritations or infections, as well as for all those who simply want to. . . 

Liggetts Shampoo Bar
. . .  Food on a Budget Green Beans with Dates, Oranges, and Hazelnuts Tagged as: liggetts shampoo bar , natural shampoo , organic shampoo , outside the kitchen , Uncategorized { 13 comments… read them below or add one } susan October 21, 2010 at 6:48 am I. . . 

Understanding What Causes Frizzy Hair And Ways To Fight It.
. . .  often enough, or with the right types of products for your porosity level . Your shampoo is drying your hair. Your protein to moisture balance is off; you are using too much protein without enough moisture. Your oils and moisturizers of choice  . . .

Review: Avalon Organics Lemon Clarifying Shampoo
. . .  Butter replenishes moisture to restore natural highlights, shine and color .” The shampoo claims to contain no parabens or other harsh preservatives, which is always welcomed to hear, and a must in the world of natural personal care products t. . . 

Products And Diet Tips For Healthy Hair During The Summer!
. . .  products formulated for color-treated hair: Matrix Total Results Blonde Care shampoo and conditioner Biosilk Color Therapy Lock & Leave-In Treatment Nexxus Color Assure Radiant Color Care Conditioner It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In for Blondes S  . . .

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Hair Conditioner

Hair Conditioner

The main reason most people use organic hair conditioner is to avoid the chemical pesticides that are used in inorganic hair care products. But they’re also doing the planet a favor. Many organic hair conditioners also avoid chemicals that are harmful to the environment, so do yourself and the planet a favor and use organic hair conditioner.