Organic Red Palm Oil

Look for a certified organic red palm oil, to make sure you are supporting environmentally friendly and ethical practices. Read package labels carefully!

Red Palm Oil

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If you are looking for a nutritious food and a valuable medicine to add to your healthy living arsenal, then it’s time to check out organic red palm oil. While everyone has heard of the health benefits of olive oil, now health professionals and scientists are recognizing the vast extent of benefits found in red palm oil.

Since the days of ancient Egypt and its pharaohs, red palm oil has been used as a sacred healing food. Red palm oil has been the staple oil of Asia and Africa for centuries. People here have always used it for all manner of health related issues. In fact, red palm oil is starting to be regarded as one of the world’s best edible oils.

With some other palm oils there is controversy over how it is obtained. Organic red palm oil comes from Ecuador, and there is no destruction of the forests or of the orangutan habitats when extracting this precious gem. In addition, it is produced on small family farms.

What is Organic Red Palm Oil and What is It Not?

Known as Elaeis Guineensis, red palm oil is believed to originate in West Africa. In its natural unprocessed state, red palm oil is richly dark red in color. It is derived from the fruit of the oil palm tree (Elaeis Guineensis). This oil contains a rich mixture of saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats, which in combination provides a higher level of nutrients – in fact, more nutrients than any other vegetable source.

Like its cousin, coconut oil, red palm oil is also teeming with medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which increase metabolic rate, mobilize body fat stores, and provide a great source of energy.

Organic red palm oil is vegan in nature, and it’s a fair trade oil. There is nothing genetically modified about it. To extract the oil, palm fruit is steamed in bunches, and palm oil is released. After steaming, the leaves are pressed to extract additional oil, and then it is cold-filtered so all of its nutritional qualities are not lost. This process also helps to remove the strong scent and flavor of the palm oil.

What is left is some of the healthiest oil you can imagine. A texture like silky butter, with a mild flavor reminiscent of carrots, red palm oil contains zero trans fats.

It is important to note that red palm oil is NOT palm kernel oil. Palm kernel oil is derived from the kernel or seed of the palm tree, and does not provide the same health benefits.

Health Benefits of Organic Red Palm Oil

Red palm oil is filled to the brim with healthful benefits. If you are looking for a powerhouse of nutrition, you’ve found it here.

Red Palm Oil Benefits include:

  • More nutrients than any other oil
  • Carotenes, which are what gives it its dark red color
  • These carotenes include alpha-carotenes, beta-carotenes, and lycopene
  • One of the richest sources of natural Vitamin E, AKA tocotrienols
  • Natural antioxidant benefits
  • Vitamin K and CoQ10
  • No refining or bleaching
  • No coloring or additives
  • Lovely fragrance, much like violets
  • Taste similar to olive oil

Carotenes are powerful antioxidants as well as treasured nutrients. This is important to you because the body can convert them into Vitamin A. Without proper levels of this enriching nutrient, Vitamin A deficiencies can cause blindness, lower immunity, weaken bones, and enhance learning disabilities.

Besides Vitamin A, there are 20 other carotenes found in organic red palm oil. Red palm oil produces a natural form of Vitamin E, known as alpha tocotrienol which can help to reduce the effects of strokes by 50%. This natural Vitamin E helps to protect your brain’s nerve cells.

Uses for Organic Red Palm Oil

Red palm oil can be used for just about everything you do health-wise. You can use it in cooking and preparing foods, in cosmetics, and even for making soap.

Healthy Cooking

Red palm oil can be blended in with mayonnaise, salad oils or other foods. You can also use it as a daily dietary supplement. The recommended dosage for that is one tablespoon.

Organic red palm oil can easily be added to any diet. You can mix it into your smoothie, use it as a medium-heat frying oil or include it when you pop popcorn for that extra buttery taste.

Skin Care Benefits

When you include red palm oil in your diet, there are various skin care benefits. Red palm oil has moisturizing and healing properties, and therefore may be very helpful for those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dry sun-damaged skin, dermatitis, and aging skin. If you want your skin to look smooth and years younger than it does now, then organic red palm oil is a must for you!

Many cosmetics and skin care products these days contain red palm oil listed as one of their ingredients, in that it is recognized for its skin nourishment properties.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Did you know that using red palm oil may help with lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels? Scientists understand that inflammation in the linings of the arteries is what contributes to so many disorders and diseases which are heart-related. When cholesterol deposits cling to artery walls, this can lead to strokes, heart attacks and more. Because red palm oil is not only antioxidant, but anti-inflammatory, too, its properties help to keep inflammation and free radicals down.

Studies have also shown that by adding organic red palm oil to your diet plaque build-up in your arteries is reduced significantly. The process of atherosclerosis is also greatly reduced. Other research is mixed on heart benefits.

The high antioxidant content found in red palm oil not only keeps inflammation at bay, it strengthens your heart to withstand stress. Countries where red palm oil is a staple of everyday diets, such as Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Malaysia, and Indonesia, all have the lowest rates of heart disease.

Disease Fighter

Red palm oil does much more than simply guard against heart disease. Research is showing that the antioxidant power of red palm oil can be attributed to protecting against any number of health-related problems.

Maladies such as asthma, osteoporosis, cataracts, macular degeneration, and liver disease can all be combatted by the use of organic red palm oil. It also slows down the premature aging of your skin by protecting against UV rays.

Weight loss and weight control

This challenge seems to be one that effects many people in western cultures. Looking to eliminate certain foods or substances from your diet can lead to an initial weight loss, followed by the pounds returning quickly once foods are re-introduced.

Actually, the secret to healthy eating and weight loss lies in adding the proper oils to your diet. Organic red palm oil goes straight for the liver and dramatically increases your metabolism. This means that any fats absorbed are burned off quickly as well as extra calories. Traditional fats and oils take too much time breaking down and therefore, they store up the calories and fats. This fat storage is exactly what you are trying to avoid when your goal is to lose weight.

When cooking with or taking as a supplement organic red palm oil everyday, you can be assured that fatty calories will be burned away in no time.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

That natural form of Vitamin E known as alpha tocotrienol (see above) helps to protect your brain against destructive damage by improving blood flow to brain cells. This means that your brain may be healthier and less likely to suffer the effects of dementia and other brain diseases.

Two factors which affect brain function are oxidative stress and poor circulation. Both of these functions generate free radicals and restrict oxygen. When oxidative stress combined with poor circulation are allowed to continue unabated, it can lead to all kinds of brain irregularities. Senile dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s Disease, and even schizophrenia can all develop because of the lack of healthy brain cells.

Tocotrienols assist the brain by reducing oxidative stress and strengthening blood flow to the brain.

An Anti-Cancer Food

Organic red palm oil, because it contains tocotrienol, may help to fight against pancreas, liver, lung, colon, prostate, skin, stomach, breast, and other forms of cancer. Even though tocotrienol can be found in grains such as barley and wheat, the highest concentration of tocotrienol is to be found in red palm oil.

The Vitamin E or tocotrienols found in red palm oil greatly inhibit the growth of many different kinds of cancer. Research have shown this to be true. There is a process within diseased cells where they literally destroy themselves. This is called apoptosis – and is brought about from tocotrienols which actively block diseased cell growth. Ordinary Vitamin E does NOT have the ability to do this.

The benefits of organic red palm oil is endless! Why wouldn’t you want to benefit from the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that red palm oil has to offer? This is one sure way to build up your immune functions and detoxify all bad substances that have found their way into your body.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fitness enthusiast, medical professional, or just someone looking to turn the corner onto a healthy lifestyle, by incorporating organic red palm oil into your diet you can partake in its incredibly wonderful, and numerous, health benefits.

Organic red palm oil is available throughout North America. Using red palm oil regularly very well may improve your health. Your immune system will receive a natural boost from the oil’s healing and nourishing properties.

Red palm oil helps keeps you healthy, nourishes your skin, and can even help you to lose weight. Think of red palm oil as an important organic superfood staple in your kitchen.

Look for these brands that make organic red palm oil near you or online

Elaeis Organic
Juka's Organic Co.
Jungle Products
Real Food Source.Com
Swanson Health Products
Tropical Traditions

Look for organic red palm oil throughout the USA.

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