Organic Onesies

Consider the extra cost for organic onesies an investment – you will be helping preserve the environment for your child, doing your part to make sure they can enjoy nature in the future.


Onesies are great for babies. As an undershirt, they keep little ones warm and provide an extra layer to cover up bare backs and bellies. On their own, they are classically adorable, and tucked into pants or shorts, they complete the outfit in a snap. They are the closest clothing layer to baby’s skin – so be careful what they’re made of!

Cotton is a heavily treated crop, sprayed with large amounts of insecticides and pesticides. And that bright colored onesie with a cheeky saying? It was most likely dyed with chemicals and heavy metals, now sitting right next to baby’s tender skin!

An organic cotton onesie will keep little ones cool and dry, always an important consideration for a drooling infant in diapers! Made from cotton cultivated without chemicals and dyed with natural colorants (if it’s dyed at all), it is just as cute, without the unknown ingredients.

You carefully select baby’s car seat, stroller, crib, toys, bedding, and food, making the safest choices to ensure nothing but the best for your precious son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild. Extend that careful consideration to the fabric touching baby all day long, and select organic onesies.

Look for these brands that make organic onesies near you or online

Look for organic onesies throughout the USA.

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Chubby Vegan Mom: November 2010
. . .  the plan is to quickly grab an outfit and go, I have to sort through her hoards of onesies until I select a giant armful that will get me through the next few days (because apparently it's too much work for me to make more than one trip to the  . . .

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. . .  daughter has more clothing than I do. Of course, there are a few onesies that jump ship during the long journey from the basement, through the kitchen and then past the abyss that is my office, and while I'd like to say I wrangle. . . 

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. . .  in months. Of course, I perused the baby section and picked up several adorable onesies – because the gazillion we already have just aren’t quite enough. I then made my way over to the candy section, aka jelly bean heaven. Seriously, does every   . . .

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. . .  your fancy. In the other room Whitney put a big stack of bright, crisp, white onesies alongside a huge assortment of stencils and fabric paints so everyone could paint a onesie for the baby-to-be to wear when he/she arrives (see above  . . .

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. . .  like glasses and mugs? You know what the color reminds me of Kid’s t-shirt and baby onesies from little trendstar. I love how you made that jar into a wonderful piece of art. jelena – September 19, 2013, 5:31AM cool, i gotta try this out for my w  . . .

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. . . ok crazy by ourselves because there’s two of us wearing colorful patterned onesies and animal bone jewelry we gathered/hand made – we’re in this together. Get the look: Shark Hem Cardigan , Bowie Sunglasses , Double Banded Embossed Fedora .  . . .

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Natural fibers are a great choice for baby clothing, allowing baby’s skin to breathe. Look for organic cotton, or organic wool, linen, and bamboo. Make sure the crops used to make the clothes were pesticide-free, and follow any special washing instructions to keep everything in tip-top shape!