Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Are you an oatmeal fan? Try mixing some organic hemp protein powder into your morning bowl of oats, and you might stave off hunger until lunch.

Hemp Protein Powder

Protein powder is an easy way to increase your protein intake without adding a lot of extra calories or carbohydrates. Why would you want to bump up your protein?

Vegans may be lacking protein in their diets, because they are avoiding animal proteins. Injured athletes can use protein to help with healing. People starting a new workout program, or increasing their exercise intensity, can benefit from protein as well.

Organic hemp protein powder is a great vegan, non-soy way to get that extra protein in! It is made from nutty tasting raw hemp seeds, and cold processed without using hexane, a potentially dangerous chemical solvent. A plant based protein, it is non-GMO and chemical free.

Organic hemp protein powder contains all 20 amino acids, and omega 3 and omega 6, which are essential fatty acids. These nutrients are vital for maintaining your health. It is also rich in fiber, and can be found in high fiber format.

Whether you’re using it in smoothies and shakes or blending it into your favorite baking recipes, organic hemp protein powder is an easy, nutritious way to make sure you are getting all the protein you require.

Look for these brands that make organic hemp protein powder near you or online

Afri Hemp
Cousin Mary Jane
Gold Top Organics
Hemp Foods Australia
Manitoba Harvest
Natural Zing
Real Food Source.Com
Synerchi Organics

Look for organic hemp protein powder throughout the USA.

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