Organic Flax Seed

Incorporate organic flax seeds into your dinner. Toss it with cooked veggies for a nutty crunch, and make your meal that much healthier!

Flax Seed

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Small organic flax seeds pack a big punch! These tiny little nutritional powerhouses are high in fiber, both soluble and insoluble. They have more antioxidants even than blueberries. Organic flax seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, full of B vitamins, and contain a higher concentration of lignans than many other foods, giving them anti-inflammatory qualities.

In order to harness the benefits of organic flax seed, the seed itself must be broken down. Use a coffee grinder or blender to turn it into flax meal, or buy already ground organic flax meal. If you are grinding your own, only process what you need immediately, as flax meal can rapidly go rancid. Ground organic flax meal should be purchased refrigerated or vacuum packed, and stored in the fridge for freshness.

Once your organic flax seed is ready to be used, try adding it to oatmeal, sprinkling it on top of organic yogurt, using it in recipes for baked goods, or blending it into a smoothie or shake.

Buying organic flax seeds ensures your food is free from harmful pesticides, and helps you play a part in conserving Earth’s natural resources. Choose organic for the purest, most healthy way to try flax!

Look for these brands that make organic flax seed near you or online

Biona Organic
Carrington Farms
Garden Of Life
Gold Top Organics
Nature's Path
One Degree
Spectrum Organics
Sunfood Super Foods
Swanson Health Products

Look for organic flax seed throughout the USA.

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