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Using organic fertilizer helps the environment. Chemical fertilizers can throw off the balance, even in your own private garden.


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You probably associate the term organic with the lack of pesticide and herbicide use. But did you realize that one of the great things about organics is that they rely on organic fertilizer? Fertilizers made from chemicals can be extremely destructive to the local environment, especially to local water sources. But organic fertilizers work to feed the soil, provide all the necessary nutrients to plants, and don’t cause destruction and the pollution of the surroundings.

If you’re doing a bit of back-yard farming, try to use organic fertilizers for your own safety. There are many options, from creating a worm box and using the worm castings, to using peat or seaweed fertilizers to infuse the soil with all kinds of healthy nutrients. Creating organic fertilizer from your compost is another great way to re-use nutrients and close the loop on waste and consumption, right in your own backyard!

Even if you don’t make your own fertilizer, make sure to buy organic fertilizers so that you’re not putting the environment at risk. Plus, you probably don’t want to grow veggies in chemical fertilizers. Better safe than sorry; there’s no harm in learning about various fertilizers before incorporating them into your life.

Look for these brands that make organic fertilizer near you or online

Acti Sol
Biostar Systems
Black Gold
Dickers Garden
Fire Belly Lawn Care
Fish Rich
Fox Farm Ferilizer
Gaia Green
Genesys Products
Green Star Fertilizer
Green Valley
Healthy Grow
Higa Organics
Husker Organics
Mighty Grow
Natural Origins Fertilizer
Pupuk Kaltim
Rain Grow
Selli Vermi
Urban Farm
Whitney Farm
Wholesome Sweet
Wise Earth

Look for organic fertilizer throughout the USA.

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