Organic Eggs

When you’re finished with your organic eggs, use the carton to start some seeds before planting a garden.


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Eggs are often part of a healthy breakfast – scrambled, poached, folded with veggies into an omelette, or served over easy, they are an easy, quick way to get a protein punch. Organic eggs take it one step further, as a nutritious and humane food.

Chickens who lay organic eggs are fed organic feed, and have access to the outdoors rather than being raised in cages. They are not treated with antibiotics, except in emergency situations. Chickens are not subject to forced molting to produce eggs (done by withholding feed and water).

Organic eggs are high in selenium, an antioxidant that helps bolster your immune system and keeps your thyroid functioning. They are also a good way to increase high density lipoprotein, otherwise known as good cholesterol or HDL. Organic eggs are high in protein and choline, and in sulfur, which helps protect your body against toxins while developing connective tissue and keeping skin strong.

High in naturally occurring vitamin D, organic eggs also contain all nine essential amino acids, making them one of the few foods that are considered a complete protein.

By choosing organic eggs over conventionally farmed eggs, you are making a great choice for your health, for the humane treatment of animals, and for the environment.

Look for these brands that make organic eggs near you or online

Bee Heaven Farm
Eggland's Best
Green Field Farms
Horizon Organic
Kalona Organics
Kingbird Farm
Mcgeary Organics
Misty Meadows Farm
Oliver's Organic Eggs
Organic Valley
PNS Farms
Pete And Gerry's
Phoenix's Egg Farm
Skagit River Ranch
Trout Lake Abbey
Vital Farms
Yorkshire Farmhouse Eggs
Yorkshire Valley Farms

Look for organic eggs throughout the USA.

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