Organic Dog Food

Organic dog food is dense in nutrients, giving you and your pup the most bang for your buck. You won’t waste money or calories on additives.

Dog Food

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Our dogs are family. There’s no doubt about it. We spoil them with toys, take them on vacation, buy them the softest beds and blankets and only want the best food for them.

It used to be that dog food was ‘one size fits all’. Then puppy food came along and that seemed to be all there was in terms of variety in the dog food department. As a push for a more natural lifestyle for humans became ever more important, it was only natural that organic dog food would emerge in the marketplace.

Of course, dogs will generally eat anything you give them; so why is organic dog food any better or more important for your dog than traditional dog food? Over the years, studies have concluded that dogs suffer from low-quality ingredients and poor diets just like humans. This lack of nutrition sets them up for all manner of ailments and can even cause medical emergencies.

Just like the food labels on your food, dog food also has a host of ingredients in it. The variety of ingredients found in dog food varies greatly. Depending on which dog food you’re looking at, you will find a range from all-natural to some very suspect meat sources, including road kill, masked as ‘meat meal’ in the list of ingredients. Furthermore, you wouldn’t eat anything filled with additives and chemicals, so why would you want your dog to eat those things?

What is organic dog food and how is it different from traditional dog food?

Take a stroll down any dog food aisle in the supermarket and you can become easily confused about all of the food available for your pets. Should you buy natural, organic, traditional, dry, canned, gluten-free, or grain-free? Why should it matter?

Organic dog food is made from only natural meat. They follow USDA standards to receive a certification for being ‘organic’. This means that the ingredients in your dog’s food hasn’t been exposed to pesticides, growth hormones, or antibiotics. Organic dog food does not contain any animal byproducts, such as gristle and bone, intestine, or other parts of the carcasses.

Also not included in organic dog food are any grains or other unnecessary fillers that add weight and bulk to what you’re buying, but provide little to no nutrition. Sugars, salts, and added flavoring are also left out.

In a world where everyone wants to be naturally healthy, dog owners only want the best for their pets, too. If you like your lifestyle free of preservatives, chemicals, and unnecessary by-products, these values are going to trickle right down to your pet’s way of life as well.

Take a look at any commercial dog food and it usually contains ‘meat byproducts’ and ‘meat meal’, as well as many other unnatural ingredients. If it leaves too much to your imagination, then you know there may be a problem.

Why should you consider organic dog food?

Many people never stop to realize that a dog’s digestive system may be directly affected by what type of dog food they eat. If your dog has been experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, loose stools, or a general all-round lethargy, it might be a good idea to take a look at just what it is you feed him. Once your pet has been introduced to an organic dog food, the health benefits quickly become visible.

It just stands to reason that when you eat healthy, you feel better. You’re not bogged down with all manner of un-natural ingredients (such as sugars, fats, oils, and grains) that really do nothing but put on the pounds.

It’s the same story with your pet. Once they eat an organic dog food they will not only feel better, they will look better, too. Their coat will be shinier, their skin won’t be as susceptible to itchiness or redness, and they will have more energy.

Benefits of Organic Dog Food

If you have been enjoying eating healthier meals and avoiding heavy starches, sugars, and other less-than-healthy foods, you know how good you feel. Aside from an increase in energy, you stay healthy and don’t get sick as much, your skin looks and feels better, and even allergies and rashes are less severe.

Giving your pet organic dog food will have the same effect. Here are some real benefits from organic dog food.

Reduction of skin ailments

You know what that is – if you see your pet always scratching and trying to ease that itch they just can’t get to, many times that’s due to allergies or skin conditions. Many dogs suffer from skin ailments. Over-the-counter sprays and creams may bring some relief, but very often the condition will not go away because the source of the allergy is not being addressed. 
Because organic dog food is free from artificial color and flavor enhancers and has no chemical additives, it’s the perfect choice for any dog with a skin condition. Because there is quality protein and great sources of nutritional value, you will soon see a decrease in all that scratching. 

Fewer digestive disorders

Because organic dog food is only made from all-natural sources, with no chemical additives, it stands to reason that your pet will not have as many digestive upsets anymore. In fact, they may be eliminated altogether. 
Bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, and gas are all signs that your dog has digestive issues. Organic dog food is naturally more nutritious, tastes better, and because it doesn’t contain a lot of bulk-filler, just goes down that much easier. 
Organic dog food can have oats, barley, and other natural whole-grains which are easily digestible for your dog. In addition, top-quality turkey, lamb, or chicken helps with your dog’s digestive system. The large amounts of corn and other chemical additives are not there to upset your dog. You will notice how different they eliminate and don’t suffer frequent digestive upsets anymore. 

Look for these brands that make organic dog food near you or online

Boulder Dog Food
Dr. Harvey's
Evangers Dog Food
Olive Green Dog
Rachel Ray Nutrish
Three Dog
Thrives Pet Food
Tropical Traditions

Look for organic dog food throughout the USA.

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If you plan to feed organic bird seed to birds in the wild, keep your feeder cleaner. Feeders are often full of pesticides so you won’t get all of the benefits of an organic seed if you have a dirty bird feeder. Wash it before each feeding for the best results.

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Pet Food

Pet Food

The terms “natural” and “organic” pet food are used interchangeably but there is a big difference between the two. Both use natural ingredients, but organic food takes it a step further by following USDA guidelines in regards to organic food, meaning the ingredients have not been exposed to pesticides or other chemicals.

Pet Treats

Pet Treats

Human grade organic treats are made using the same rigorous standards required for human food to be considered organic. Choose human grade organic treats if you want your furry friend to eat as well as you do. Your pet will enjoy all of the heath benefits that come with human grade organic food.

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Pet Beds

Recycled water bottles might not sound soft, but when they are stuffed in an organic pet bed, they feel like heaven. Your pet will drift to sleep on the repurposed water bottles and you will feel good, knowing you are doing you part to save the environment while keeping your pet safe and healthy.

Cat Treats

Cat Treats

If you believe in feeding your cat organic treats, there is a good chance you also believe in protecting the environment. Double your good deed by buying organic treats in a recycled container. That way, you will reduce your carbon and waste footprints while feeding your kitty healthy treats that he will love.

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Cat Beds

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Cat Food

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Dog Treats

Dog Treats

Your dog should get most of her nutrition and caloric intake from her food – and an organic dog food is best! When it comes to organic treats, make them a special occurrence rather than a routine part of the day. Extras like treats and snacks should make up no more than 10% of your pup’s calories each day.

Dog Beds

Dog Beds

Why buy an organic dog bed? It will give your dog personal space and keep your best friend out of your own bed, freeing up room for you and keeping pet hair off of your bedding. Both you and your dog will be comfortable in your own beds, making for a more relaxing, restorative night of sleep – for everyone.