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Chubby Vegan Mom: This Blog Post Is Sponsored By condoms, Vegan Ones, Lots Of Them. …
. . .  eight or nine pound baby out of your very tiny vagina. But most importantly, use condoms (vegan ones), lots of them. Disclaimer: I do not know it all. I am not the queen of motherhood. But one thing is for sure. I know how it feels to want a guy. . . 

Chubby Vegan Mom: November 2011
. . .  drinking age, wannabe, getting-yourself-knocked-up mommas. Please, start using condoms (vegan ones if possible), but in reality, any will do. Just please, please, please stop having kids on purpose. And let me just clarify something here. In. . . 

Spring Love The Kind Life
. . .  toast off this beautiful energizing season, I am de-briefing sex tools from healthy condoms to great lube. Condoms are great options for contraception; they’re inexpensive and easy to use. But, did you know that most mainstream condom options are n  . . .

VVC Day 2, Part 2: Cupcake Reception & Vegan Karaoke Chef Amber Shea
. . .  (with peppercorns), Tom’s toothpaste, a coconut meat scraper from Jen , vegan condoms (!), Hurraw lip balm, and soaps from Moxie Organix. WHEW! The organizers weren’t kidding when they said the swag bags alone would be worth the price of adm  . . .

Women's Sexual Health: From Puberty To Menopause
. . .  you don’t have a health care provider, go to your nearest Planned Parenthood. And condoms are available 24 hours a day; all pharmacies stock them. And all women are at risk for sexually transmitted diseases. Remember, every time you are having s  . . .

A Year Of Slow Cooking: CrockPot Quinoa Casserole
. . .  way to tell quinoa is cooked is when the grains (sorry, seeds!) look like unrolled condoms (!). I read that once, and now can never get it out of my head when I look at cooked quinoa. And now none of you will either 😉 Just sharing the love!  . . .

Homemade Fudge Brownie Chocolate Protein Bars
. . .  into the sewer went by on a conveyor belt. Yes, tampons and toilet paper, plus condoms and all kinds of other non-flushable stuff that people flushed anyway. People are disgusting! And thank goodness for people who don’t mind working in that e  . . .

Prevent Acne Naturally For Kind, Clear Skin The Kind Life
. . .  withdrawal method; knowing when you ovulate and abstaining during that time; condoms for both men and women; contraceptive herbs like wild yam, neem oil, pomegranate can help; they are between 70-85% effective. Q. Tracie B : I still get  . . .

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Personal Lubricant

Personal Lubricant

Organic personal lubricants are a thing, and they’re a nice thing to consider. Recent studies have shown that the type of lube you use does matter, and some of the chemicals in many of the big name brands of personal lubricant are just not good for you.