Organic Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil has a high burn temperature, which means it’s safe to use when cooking at high heats (unlike some other cooking oils)!

Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil is used in many ways. Of course you can eat it; you can fry with it instead of other oils, put it on toast instead of butter, use it in homemade granola or in your tea or coffee, and because it has a very high burn temperature, you can use it for baking or frying at high heat. You can also use it on dry skin and for overnight hair treatments, as well as for stretch marks. And some people use it to make homemade toothpaste, for aromatherapy, and to season cast iron pans. It’s even used as a massage oil and lubricant!

No matter how you decide to use organic coconut oil, you’re better off getting good quality. Just like any other oil, the better the quality, the more delicious the product. There are also many potential health benefits of using high quality foods, from avoiding chemical pesticides and fertilizers to getting products without additives. Organic coconut oil is no different.

When you want to try organic coconut oil, make sure you buy good quality – just like other oils, look for cold pressed, extra virgin, organic coconut oil.

Look for these brands that make organic coconut oil near you or online

Better Body Foods
Biona Organic
Carrington Farms
Elaeis Organic
Garden Of Life
Gold Top Organics
Jungle Products
Maya Gold Organic
Melrose Health
Nature's Way
Real Food Source.Com
Spectrum Organics
Spiral Foods
Sunfood Super Foods
Swanson Health Products
The Groovy Food Company
Tresomega Nutrition
Tropical Traditions
Viva Labs
Wild Oats Market Place
Ziggy Marley Organics

Look for organic coconut oil throughout the USA.

Find the best coconut oil recipes and stories from foodies, bloggers, chefs and more!

Best Natural Remedy For Eczema! Coconut Oil Eczema Relief?
. . .  is now 2013, and to this day I have not had another bout of extreme eczema! I use coconut oil on my skin every day! It is my #1 choice and the best natural remedy for eczema! I can’t even begin to express to you how much it has helped me! If you a. . . 

Coconut Oil Benefits! Know How To Use Coconut Oil!
. . .  to keep blood sugar levels under control. I was surprised to learn that adding coconut oil to your meals actually lowers the glycemic index of your food. Helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals Because coconut oil slows down the rate at. . . 

101 Cookbooks Healthy Recipe Journal
. . .  Bowl Avocado Salad Chive Pancakes Shallot Vinaigrette Gin-marinated Olives Avocado Coconut Oil Tartine Miso Oat Porridge Yellow Wax Beans & Scallions Saffron Raspberries Salad Booster Mung Bean Hummus Red Fruit Salad Steaming Vegetables Cilantro. . . 

Coconut Oil Pillars Of Health
. . .  who suffer from painful and embarrassing skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, coconut oil can be especially soothing and even healing due to its medicinal properties. Another potential use for coconut oil is as a safe sunscreen. Coconut oil. . . 

Coconut Oil and Health
. . .  Diet – Weight Loss Boosting Thyroid Function and More Many people are using virgin coconut oil today in their diets on a regular basis because they have found it helps them to lose weight increase their energy and their metabolism. However coconut. . . 

Clean Cuisine Power Bites With Barlean’s Flax And Coconut Oil
. . .  Ginger Coconut Power Bites using Barlean’s Forti-Flax and Barlean’s Extra Virgin Coconut OIl (In case you are wondering, “ Power Bites” are like mini power bars—perfect for an afternoon pick-me up or pre or post workout snack!) Actually, I did n. . . 

Coconut Oil for Cooking! Simple, Easy Ideas!
. . .  now! How to Use Coconut Oil for Cooking Breakfast It’s easy!  Just add a little coconut oil in your pan in place of the oil you would normally use.  You can make delicious: Eggs – Sunny side up, over easy, omelets  Or, how about scrambled eggs w. . . 

Coconut Oil Homemade Body Scrub With Or Without Granules!
. . .  Rinse then wash with your favorite body wash. Rinse and pat yourself dry. Apply coconut oil as your body moisturizer. CAUTION:  U sing any type of oil in the shower or tub will cause it to become very slippery!   Organic Homemade Body Scrub R. . . 

Nourishing Your Underactive Thyroid With Coconut Oil and More Can Boost Metabolism …
. . .  to the fact that the number one cause of w Thyroid Symptoms but Normal Blood Test? Coconut Oil Seaweed & Herbs: Natural Thyroid Booster Iodine Deficiency? Coconut Oil: A Natural Thyroid Booster? eight problems may be an underactive thyroid gland. . . 

Coconut Oil
. . .  the Pure Pristine Environment of New Zealand ecoviva com /html/ html Coconut Oil EcoViva is your shopping network for Antioxidant Supplements and Whole Food Vitamins Natural Supplements Vitamins Biokleen Organic Teas and tea gifts.. . . 

Avocado Coconut Oil Tartine Recipe 101 Cookbooks
. . .  love the addition of nuts, so creative! Averie @ Averie Cooks July 16, 2013 I love coconut oil and I love avocado! I've been baking with both, so much lately! Your tartine looks great and I love that it's open face – yon can stuff more on that way. . . 

The Best Shaving Cream Is Really A Shaving Oil? Yes! Coconut Oil!
. . .  chemicals. Aren’t you glad you won’t ever have to dread shaving your legs again? Coconut oil is the best shaving cream . . . or should I say the best shaving oil . . . for your legs! TIPS for Shaving Your Legs with Coconut Oil TIP 1:  After you t. . . 

Other Organic Cooking Oils Products

Red Palm Oil

Red Palm Oil

Consuming organic red palm oil in raw form, or cooking it over low to medium heat rather than high, helps retain more of its good nutritional and health qualities. Drizzle it into cooked soups or mix it into veggies when they come out of the oven to maximize the benefits.

Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil

Make sure your hemp oil is unrefined. Cold pressing organic hemp seeds produces the purest type of oil. The greenish tinge and nutty flavor indicate that all the desirable nutrients still remain. Refined hemp oil is colorless and practically flavorless, and lacking many of the benefits of cold pressed oil.