Organic Chicken

Skinless, boneless organic chicken breasts cut down on prep time when you are making lunch or dinner. They are also lower in calories than skin-on breasts.


Have you ever thought about the benefits of that tasty, juicy chicken found in your noodle soup? Organic chicken is delicious and healthy!

Chickens raised through organic farming are guaranteed outdoor access, not continuously confined as they can be with factory farming. They are given organic feed, and spared hormones and antibiotics. This means less exposure to toxins and pesticides.

Organic chickens, raised on grass and organic grains, are heart healthy. Their meat is higher in omega-3 fatty acids, but lower in overall fat. They make leaner cuts of meat thanks to that extra exercise from chasing bugs and pecking about in the yard. This lower-fat lean meat is also high in protein.

Organic chicken is full of nutrients to help keep your body in the best shape possible. It is rich in phosphorous, giving a boost to your teeth and bones. Selenium, also found in organic chicken, cuts down your risk of developing arthritis.

And who could forget the classic comfort meal of chicken noodle soup? Made with organic chicken, soup helps clear up congestion and un-stuff your nose, while putting a smile on your face.

There are countless ways to prepare organic chicken – baked, grilled, in a sandwich or on a salad. Support a local organic farmer and feel good about your dinner.

Look for these brands that make organic chicken near you or online

Applegate Farms
Bella And Evans
Coleman Natural Foods
Fresh Source Foods
Glatt Organics
Inglewood Farms
Kingbird Farm
Kipdale Farm
Marys Free Range Chicken
Misty Meadows Farm
Oliver's Organic Eggs
Organic Prairie
Petaluma Poultry
Rocky Mountain
Skagit River Ranch
TK Ranch
Tecumseh Farm
Tropical Traditions
Yorkshire Valley Farms

Look for organic chicken throughout the USA.

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Other Organic Meat & Seafood Products

Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef

Organic grass fed beef is richer in antioxidant vitamins, like vitamin E, when compared to beef from cows raised on corn. And grass fed beef is higher in beta carotene, as well as folic acid. What a scrumptious way to get your nutrients in!