Where To Buy Hemp Oil in Snohomish County, WA

Organic hemp oil can be used as a moisturizer to treat painfully dry skin. Apply it directly to your body as a body oil and enjoy the soft, supple results!

Hemp Oil

Organic hemp oil brands near you in Snohomish County, WA or online

Hemp Foods Australia
Maya Gold Organic

Look for organic hemp oil in each of Snohomish’s cities

Locations near Snohomish that may carry organic hemp oil

Snohomish Team Fitness – Lk Stevns
Phone: (425) 397-8326
1109 Frontier Circle East
Lake Stevens, WA 98258
(18.53 miles distance)

Team Fitness
Phone: (360) 862-8348
1109 Frontier Circle EastÌ¢‰âÂå¬
Lake Stevens, WA 98258
(18.53 miles distance)

Snohomish Team Fitness – Snohomish
Phone: (360) 862-8348
825 Avenue D
Snohomish, WA 98290
(19.66 miles distance)

Super Supplements – Everett
Phone: (425) 293-0373
4031 Colby Ave
Everett, WA 98201
(23.61 miles distance)

Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op
Phone: (425) 259-3798
2804 Grand Ave
Everett, WA 98201
(23.63 miles distance)

Trader Joe's – Everett
Phone: (425) 513-2210
811 S.E. Everett Mall Way
Everett, WA 98208
(25.31 miles distance)

Central Market – Mill Creek
Phone: (425) 357-3241
15605 Main St
Mill Creek, WA 98012
(26.75 miles distance)

PCC Natural Markets – Redmond
Phone: (206) 723-2720
11435 Avondale Rd. N.E.
Redmond, WA 98052
(29.37 miles distance)

Total Wine & More – Lynnwood
Phone: (425) 640-4510
2701 184th St SW #108b
Lynnwood, WA 98037
(29.50 miles distance)

Healthy Way Nutrition Center
Phone: (425) 771-6448
19725 40th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98036
(30.71 miles distance)

Super Supplements – Lynnwood
Phone: (425) 775-0805
19925 44th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98036
(31.02 miles distance)

Trader Joe's – Redmond
Phone: (425) 883-1624
15932 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA 98052
(31.16 miles distance)

About Hemp Oil

Organic hemp seeds, from which hemp oil is made, are second only to soybeans in terms of plant based protein. For vegetarians and vegans looking to boost their protein intake, organic hemp oil is a pure, animal-free choice, without the potential side effects of soy. Learn more about organic hemp oil.

Health & Community in Snohomish

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Starting Your Food Forest in Snohomish County

A food forest uses available garden space to combine food producing plant species. This multi-layer composition can be low-maintenance, combining trees, shrubs and ground cover in order to produce edible foods including herbs, fruits, seeds and nuts.

This is ideal to increase the amount of organic food in your diet.

An element of permaculture design, the food forest includes seven layers from the canopy down through the rhizosphere.

In Washington, here are some examples of routinely available plants available at a garden center near you.

A member of the Aster family, the common name for Cichorium intybus is chicory. Requiring a minimum temperature of -43°F, it has a Medium tolerance of drought.

Propogated by Seed, the chicory enjoys a bloom period in Mid Summer. the fruit/seed period runs from Summer to Fall.

Introduced to WA, the chicory is common in food forests. It grows in areas with a minimum of 20 inches of annual rainfall.

You may live in a micro-climate or area of Washington where some species don’t thrive or fruit.

Be sure to consult your neighborhood garden supply store and read more online to find the plants, shrubs and ground cover that work for your food forest.

Want to be featured on our site? Submit a photo of your food forest and tell us what you’re growing!

Hemp Oil Info

Compared to other cooking oils, organic hemp oil is low in saturated fats.